Cobra Artist Water Mixable Oil Value Pack

Cobra Artist Water Mixable Oil Value Pack

Set om 10 tuber á 40 ml.


105 Titanium white

283 Permanent yellow light

266 Permanent orange

315 Pyrrole red

577 Permanent red violet

504 Ultramarine

619 Permanent green deep

411 Burnt sienna

227 Yellow ochre

702 Ivory black

• Colours can be diluted with water & so the paint has few environmental objections
• Materials can be cleaned after use with just a little soap and water
• Easy to use & No colour change in drying
• Brush stroke remains unchanged after drying
• No allergic reactions for users or people around them
• No nasty fumes
• Behaves like a real oil paint & drys faster!

The range consists of 70 transparent, semi-transparent, semi-opaque and opaque colours. They all have the highest degree of lightfastness (+++) and under museum conditions remain unchanged for at least 100 years.The range includes 32 mono-pigmented colours (colours in which only one pigment is used, so that when mixing attractive pure colours are created). There are also ten colours based on highly exclusive pigments – such as the cadmiums, cobalts and chromium oxides – and an exceptionally transparent oxide red or yellow.

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